Why use our floor plan / sample diagram service?

If you do not have your own floor plans Ace Asbestos can supply you with detailed floor plans (also known as sample diagrams) of your residential or commercial property at the same time as undertaking an asbestos survey. Our carefully mapped out sample diagrams will form part of the asbestos report, clearly stating where samples were taken from, and whether they contain asbestos or not. If needed they can be sent to you separately for future use by yourself for any other purpose such as when selling your property.


  • Easily understandable floor plans
  • Floor Plans can be completed at the same time as our asbestos surveys or fire risk assessment
  • Floor¬†plans are sent by email and are available as either jpg or pdf
  • Forms part of the survey report / management document
  • Can use the floorplans for any other commercial or residential purpose including selling the property

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